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Lets ponder

Interactive page that allows advocates to


share ways in which you are supporting children in your

Programs, Family Child Care and Classrooms

Infant Program

Toddler Program

Preschool Program

Kindergarten Classroom

Grade 1 Classroom

Grade 2 Classroom



Share ways in which you are supporting FAMILIES of young children.  

  • How do you communicate with parents about the trending issues of child development and education?

  • Do you do family workshops or parent nights?  What are your topics, what resources are you using?

  • Do you share child progress in your program?

Share ways in which you are supporting children in your community

  • Do you evaluate spaces in your City where children play?

  • Do you submit your ideas, questions or concerns about how children and family issues and needs are supported with City planning?

  • Do you attend School Board Meetings?  School Site Council Meetings in your neighborhood?

  • Do you attend Council Meetings

  • Are you familiar with with the decisionary process of your City and School Board?

  • Do you have an issue you would like to see addressed in your City or School?  What are they?  

Create a conversation bar under each share to make it interactive

Please share more about how we may celebrate and unify your advocacy work

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