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Dear Kindergarten Educator….


School readiness is an often discussed and debated topic among a variety of forums from the parent to the political.  Too often, it is the collective thoughts of the educator, the one who is balancing how the child actually arrives, what the parents wants us to know and understand about their child and what the administrator wants children to know and understand by the standard of each grade level, which fails public opining.  What Say YOU? is meant to support your own thoughts on education from YOUR perspective.  The unique experiences of your classroom may sooth, support or embolden you or a fellow colleague to be a potential catalyst of change for children.  


Your opinions represent elements that you believe make for a child’s successful transition to school in terms of dispositions, skills, and social/emotional behaviors.  Please take the time to answer these questions, eloquently posed by blogger, Christie Burnett of Childhood 101 of Australia, and share in the comment section below.  

  • What behaviours and dispositions are exhibited by children who transition easily to school?

  • What skills and understandings do children who transition easily hold?

  • What social and emotional behaviours are exhibited by children who transition easily?

  • If we waved a magic wand to create the perfect kindergarten pupil on their first day what would we see?

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